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Where to eat in Cagnes sur Mer? We no longer serve dinner for our holiday rentals but there are so many restaurants in Cagnes sur Mer!

This does not prevent you from enjoying the garden where you can use the barbecue, prepare a salad and enjoy them at home, using the dishes that are in your room. We also have at your disposal local pizza menus that you can order and that are delivered to us for you!

That said, a trip to the local restaurants while on vacation is a special moment that you will remember, or not, so we are at your disposal to advise you according to your tastes, your wallet, and criteria You will find that while eating at breakfast, relaxing at the edge of the swimming pool or socialising around a small aperitif, the subject of restaurants is very often evoked.

In these kind of discussions, you will know the great addresses of Cagnes sur Mer or locally. Of course, we do not know all the restaurants … the ones we suggest are ones we know personally, have tried and love and can adives places that other guest have enjoyed too.

The closest to us, “The Maestro”, is less than 10 minutes walk from the house its nice and practical. You will eat delicious pizzas cooked over a wood fire, but they offer much more on their menu.

Do you want to enjoy the seaside? Then you should go to Cros de Cagnes! We like to recommend “le Café Riviera” for its family atmosphere, nice terrace, and quality food at an affordable price. “Le Bistrot de la Marine” for its selection of fish and gourmais choices, enjoying on their nice protected terrace. Below the road, “La Bourride” his specialty (bourride) and the loaction of the restaurant just facing the fishing port, if you can have lunch outside, it’s the dream: calm and beautiful view … and many other places that are definitely worth visiting.

For the romantic side and old stones, take the free shuttle and lose yourself in the alleys of the medieval village to finish in one of those restaurants we can recommend: “Jimmy’s” at the castle square, with a simple and effective menu, very friendly staff and a terrace with magnificent views, “Les leases” at the entrance to the castle square with an intimate setting and a small terrace, great service and a refined menu. “Fleur de sel” a small restaurant in the descent of the village, “gastronomic and sublime” to quote (exact) from some guests to enjoy without moderation.

In the city center, without hesitation: “Chez David” the chef and service is excellent and the food plentiful. Certainly you are in the city center but the terrace is nice and inside, a cellar … to discover!

Feel free to tell us about your tastes and desires, we will help to guide you and we can arrange the reservation too. Good luck on your discovery and Bon appétit!

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